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When you want to know how to conserve energy and save money the pro to ask is the Poudre Valley REA Certified Energy Auditor, Gary Myers, or as we like to call  him, Gary the Energy Guy. Unlike the Maytag repairman or Betty Crocker, Gary is a real person. Gary has years of experience in energy efficiency, conservation and the environment. He has designed many programs to help consumers save energy. And they're right here in five easy steps.

1Check out the links to all the money-saving programs & rebates.
Every year PVREA consumers save thousands of dollars on appliances, water heaters, insulation, heating and cooling systems.  Find out how you can save money on your energy bills and get a rebate check to help you get started.

2Call Gary for a Home Energy Audit
According to a recent U.S. Department of Energy study, weatherization measures
saved an average of 32% on a typical American home’s energy bill. And many of
the steps you can take to get those savings are inexpensive and easy to do.
But how do you know what to do to get those savings? That’s easy. Call Gary.
Poudre Valley REA has a program that offers energy audits for homes and small businesses.
If you are a PVREA member call Gary the Energy Guy at 970-282-6464
and he’ll be happy to bring all his high-tech equipment out to your house and give you an assessment of how to make your home more energy efficient and save money.
Three-tiered Home Energy Audit Program
1. Electricity Audit to detect and mitigate electrical power issues -- Free.
2. Blower Door air leakage and weatherization evaluation – $50

PVREA will
rebate up to $25 after some qualifying repairs are made.

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4 Sign up for the PVREA Green Power Program
The Poudre Valley REA Green Power Program was initiated in 1999 to allow membersthe opportunity to support renewable energy provided from wind, solar and small scale hydroelectric sources. Green power is available in 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks for only 9¢. The average home uses about 1,000 kWh of electricity each month, so for less than $1 per month you can go all green. There is no minimum contract period so you can start and stop your Green Power participation at any time. Purchasing one block of green power each month for one year has the same environmental effect as not driving a car 2,400 miles or planting a half-acre of trees.
Green Power Sign Up Form (pdf)
To sign up for the PVREA Green Power Program

simply print the Green Power Sign Up Form and mail it to:
PVREA Green Power Program, PO Box 272550, Ft. Collins, CO 80527-2550

5Visit the Together We Save website for more information
Poudre Valley REA is your Touchstone Energy Cooperative.
This fall all 900 Touchstone Co-ops in America have joined in the
Together We Save Campaign to bring energy conservation help to everyone.

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