Capital Credits

Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association is a non-profit electric cooperative, owned by the consumers we serve. Every year the Board of Directors of the association allocates a portion of unused margins from past years to be returned to our members. These are called Capital Credits and checks are mailed to each person who is due a refund.

Last year PVREA was unable to return $257,309 to 4,583 of our members because of a bad address on file or the member simply did not cash the check. If you were a consumer of Poudre Valley REA during any of the years 1999, 2000 and/or 2012 please look for your name in the list below. If your name is on the list, give us a call so we can determine if you have money coming to you.

The 2013 Unclaimed Capital Credit List (PDF)

If you see a name you recognize contact us at:
Poudre Valley REA
PO Box 272550
Ft. Collins, CO 80527-2550


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