Jeff WadsworthWelcome to Poudre Valley REA

As CEO of Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association I want to welcome you to our family of approximately 30,000 member-owners. As a cooperative we operate on a not-for-profit basis and work hard every day to bring each home and business we serve the most reliable electric service at the lowest cost possible. Even though we are one of Colorado’s largest electric co-ops, we still operate with the same home town values that have distinguished us from other utilities since 1939. I encourage you to call our Member Services staff with any questions or concerns and they will be happy to help you.
Jeff Wadsworth, CEO

Customer Service
The Customer Service Department is your connection to all the benefits of belonging to a cooperative. A friendly account representative is here to take your call and answer questions concerning your account and all of the many services available to members. Your Customer Service Department can also arrange for new electric service or help with any issues you have with your current energy use. They can explain the energy conservation programs that are offered, including rebates on appliances, heating systems and insulation. There is even a Home Energy Audit service that can pinpoint specific issues with your house.

Regular office hours
Monday -Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
7649 REA Parkway, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80528

Online Bill Paying
You can take advantage of several options when it comes to making your payment easier.
Signing up for an online account only takes a few minutes, is secure and reliable.
You can make a payment, view your account history and your electric usage or set up automatic payments.
Here is a link to begin setting up your online account

Tree Trimming Service
If you have a tree or shrub growing under or near a power line we will send a crew to your house and prune or remove it at no cost to you. Never trim trees near powerlines yourself. Don’t wait for that blizzard to strike and send falling limbs tumbling into power lines that can cut off your power just when you need it most. Call us now and avoid outages tomorrow. We will even offer advice and planning for future landscaping near powerlines.

Colorado law requires underground utilities to be located prior to anyone digging. Call 800-922-1987 to have your utilities located. This is a free service. All power lines buried after the electric meter are your responsibility to locate. We urge you to let us know if you have any life support systems in your home. Please use standby generators cautiously and always let us know if you install any electric generation such as solar panels or wind turbines. Putting electricity back into our power lines can endanger the lives of the line workers who are working to maintain equipment or restore power during outages.

To Report an Outage
If you lose power, first make sure it is not in your home wiring by checking circuit breakers or fuses. To report an outage call the PVREA main number, 800-432-1012. The first rule to follow during any power outage is to stay clear of any danger such as down lines or arcing wires. Never put yourself in harm’s way.

The Cooperative Difference
Unlike other utilities, REAs are member-owned and are guided by democratic principles that we, here at Poudre Valley, take very seriously. Among these are voluntary and open membership and community involvement. It is this philosophy that makes co-ops different from other enterprises. In addition to REAs, there are more than 40,000 U.S. cooperatives engaged in the business of America. Co-ops include your local credit union and national brand names like Ocean Spray and Land O’ Lakes. Your Poudre Valley REA is one of 22 electric distribution co-ops in Colorado and more than 900 nationwide, providing service to more than 40 million people. America’s electric co-ops face challenges unlike those of other utilities. Together, they own and maintain 2.5 million miles, or 42%, of the nation’s electric distribution lines, yet serve only 12% of the population. REA service areas cover three quarters of the nation’s landmass and, because the area is so large, have an average of only 7 customers per mile compared to 35 for investor-owned utilities and 47 for municipal utilities.

Energy Conservation
As America moves toward a future that incorporates new technologies and renewable sources into the electric grid we will need to bridge the gap between growing demand and shrinking supply by conserving energy. Poudre Valley REA can help in many ways, not only to reduce your energy use, but save you money in the process. We offer rebates on energy efficient equipment and appliances and offer several programs that can help you reduce your energy bills. A three-tiered Home Energy Audit Program is available for members to help identify key areas to improve efficiency and conserve energy.

Green Power Program
You can support the co-op’s migration to renewable energy sources by purchasing Green Power in 100 kWh blocks of electricity. The funds generated go directly to subsidizing wind and other alternative sources from our energy partners at Tri-State G&T. Green power at Poudre Valley REA costs much less than at some investor-owned utilities. Today the average home can go all green for less than a dollar a month.

Capital Credits
The Capital Credit Program is unique to cooperatives. Because we operate on a not-for-profit basis Poudre Valley REA returns any margins (profits) to our member-consumers in the form of capital credits. You can read about how the program works here.

Annual Meeting / Election of Directors
As a cooperative, Poudre Valley REA is governed by democratic principles. Every consumer is also an owner of the co-op. In the spring the association holds an annual meeting and an election for the Board of Directors. The annual meeting is a fun event filled with food and activities and informative updates on the state of the association. The association bylaws provide details concerning the nomination procedure for Directors. Any member can petition to run, however he or she must first appear in person at the PVREA headquarters and pick up the nomination packet, which includes instructions, qualification requirements and all the forms needed to be nominated.

Giving Back to Our Community
Every year, Poudre Valley REA members and employees contribute to charitable causes from volunteer fire departments to the United Way and the Colorado Energy Assistance Fund to help members in need keep their homes warm and their lights on. Nine students in our service area are offered college scholarships every year. We also provide, at no cost, a meeting room that is available to members, and other local groups, simply by calling our Member Services Department. Community involvement is one of the foundations of the cooperative way of doing business.

Poudre Valley REA is committed to the values that make electric cooperatives stand apart from other utilities. We exist only for the benefit of our members, operate on a non-profit, democratic basis and believe strongly in community.


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