Green Power Program

The Poudre Valley REA Green Power Program was initiated in 1999 to allow members the opportunity to support renewable energy provided from wind, solar and small scale hydroelectric sources. Green power is currently available in 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks for only 9¢ per block.  The average home uses about 1,000 kWh of electricity each month, so for just 90¢ per month you can go all green. There is no minimum contract period so you can start and stop your Green Power participation at any time. Purchasing one 100 kilowatt-hour block of green power each month for one year has the same environmental effect as not driving a car 2,400 miles or planting a half-acre of trees.

To sign up for the PVREA Green Power Program simply print the form and mail it to:
PVREA Green Power Program
PO Box 272550
Ft. Collins, CO 80527-2550

Green Power Commitment Form (pdf)

For more information on this and other energy conservation programs offered by Poudre Valley REA call the Member Services Department at 800-432-1012



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