Geothermal Conversion Complete
at PVREA Headquarters

In 2012 it became necessary to begin replacing the aging heating and air conditioning equipment at the PVREA office and warehouse. The board of directors made the decision to switch to geothermal as part of the overall commitment to energy efficiency at your co-op.

Also called ground-source heat pumps, geothermal systems rely on the energy of the ground to move heat into and out of a building, providing heating and cooling. The top 300 feet of earth remains a relatively constant 50 to 60 degrees year-round.

Massive cranes were used to hoist new HVAC units onto the roof and remove the old ones. There are 84 300-foot-deep loops, or wells, that draw 815,000 BTUs of energy from beneath the ground. The new units are up to 70% more efficient than the previous HVAC equipment.

The energy efficiency program at Poudre Valley REA is just one way we are working hard to keep costs low. It is also an illustration of how everyone can benefit from making energy efficiency improvements to their home or business. You, too, can go geothermal at your home or business. America leads the world in geothermal power production. Western states boast the most geothermal energy.

A federal tax credit equal to 30 percent of the cost for materials and installation, with no limit on total project expenses, applies to geothermal heat pumps through Dec. 31, 2016.

To learn more about how geothermal technology works
for commercial and residential uses CLICK HERE

One of the new geothermal units is placed on the headquarters roof.

Students from Windsor Middle School are shown the geothermal system by Gary the Energy Guy.

The first step was drilling the loop field.




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