Solar Photovoltaic System Rebate Program

Poudre Valley REA supports renewable energy development with net-metering and interconnection of distributed renewable energy facilities. See Net-Metering for more information. PVREA has funded Renewable Energy system rebates since 2008.

Funding Philosophy
As a member owned electric distribution cooperative, PVREA must justify its budget decisions to a diverse community. All funds come from rate revenue collected from bill receipts, that is the money you pay on your electric bill. 76% of all revenue goes to pay for just the electricity that we purchase from our wholesale supplier. The remaining income must get the power from the substations to your home 24/7 and fund all of our programs.

2014 Photovoltaic Rebate Program

Overview: The 2014 budget was set at $37,500 with an offering of $1.25 per watt up to a maximum rebate of $3,750 per PVREA customer. We generally receive more applications than we can fund. Our process is to review applications for completeness and signatures. We then date the application with the date received. This becomes the applicant's "place in line". Funds are already dispersed for 2014, but reserve your spot for 2015!

We review applications in order of receipt, contacted the applicants to confirm interest and send rebate reservation letters in February. Rebate Reservation Letter recipients have 30 days to reserve their rebate and commit to the installation of their systems. Once they commit, they have 6 months to complete construction and send us a passing final inspection report in order to get their rebate and have the net-meter installed. If you want to pursue a PV system rebate, the best thing to do is to complete a rebate application and a net-metering/parallel generation application to hold your place in line.
Click here to access the application.

Program Rules

  1. Construction must not begin until the customer receives a valid written notice of rebate reservation defining the construction window as well as the amount, terms and conditions of the rebate award.
  2. Renewable system rebates are for new installations, using new equipment only. The rebate is not valid on system add-ons, expansion or systems with used components.
  3. Existing Buildings requesting rebates must have energy audits done to focus on energy efficiency and energy conservation before implementing renewable energy solutions. The energy audit must be performed by a BPI / RESNET certified auditor. Eligible homes must meet the following minimum insulation levels.
    1. Ceiling and Attics- R-38 or better.
    2. Walls R-13 or better.
    3. Foundations and crawlspace areas – R-10 or better.
  4. Renewable Energy installations on new home construction are permitted provided that the new construction is either an ENERGY STAR New Home or the new construction has a HERS rating of 80 or less by the time the system installation is complete. An energy audit is not required for qualifying new homes.
  5. The PV panels must be installed at a tilt and azimuth designed to meet a minimum of 90% of the optimum orientation output.
  6. The consumer agrees to maintain the system free and clear of shade between 9 am and 3 pm.
  7. The consumer agrees to assign all Renewable Energy Credits ( REC’s) to PVREA for 20 years.
  8. Inverters must be IEE 1547 and UL 1741 listed and approved
  9. The system must be grid-tied and requires a 5-year warranty on the panels, inverter, and installation.
  10. Installation must be in compliance with all local and state ordinances. Proper permits are required. Utility net-metering, interconnection and REC purchase agreements are required.
  11. Applications are limited to one rebate per rebate system type per address.
  12. Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.
  13. All systems approved for rebates must be complete and receive final electrical inspections by December 31.

Contact your contractor and/or equipment manufacturer for assistance obtaining the information required in the application.

For more information call 970-282-6463 or email

PVREA Renewable Energy Rebate Application (pdf)
PVREA Generating Facility Form (pdf)

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