Prior to digging, drilling or excavating please follow the following steps:

  1. Contact the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 811 or 800-922-1987
    Colorado law requires underground utilities to be located before anyone digs. This applies to a home owner working around your own property or any contractor that may be working on your site. This call will initiate UNCC to contact Poudre Valley REA and other Tier I members about your plan to dig and inform you of any Tier II members, which you must call yourself and notify of you plans to dig.

    When you call you will be asked a series of questions to aid in defining your digging area. This information will be used by the various utility locate crews to make sure that they locate their facilities in your dig area. You will be given a ticket number to identify your call. Please keep track of this number in case you need to ask questions after the utility has located its underground facilities.
  2. Utilities will Locate their Facilities in Your Defined Dig within Two Working Days After Your Call
    PVREA and other utilities must locate their facilities by the end of the next two business days following your call.

    PVREA will locate all facilities that it owns and maintaines on your property. PVREA ownership of underground lines ends at the meter. If you have underground lines beyond the meter they are your responsibility to locate.
  3. Respect and Protect the Marks
    PVREA will mark its underground facilities with red marking paint or red flags. A locate sketch will be left at your job site. These marks are good for 30 days. If the marks are not longer clear or if the project is delayed, please request a re-located on your property.
    It is your responsibility to keep track of these marks and to not destroy them.
  4. Dig with Care
    Hand dig 18 inches on both sides of the flags or painted lines.

For more information about underground locates, please refer to the Utility Notification Center of Colorado website at




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