Local Solar Projects

In our efforts to provide various avenues of renewable energy, yet keep costs affordable, PVREA has developed solar generation here locally through community solar farms and large-scale solar facilities. 

Community Solar Farms

Community solar is a solar facility that produces more power than a single home or even a few homes can use. Participants in a community solar program can sign up to receive bill credits for the power that the solar array produces. Sizing is flexible in a community solar farm, which allows members to choose their level of interest to fit their budget. PVREA has three community solar farms. In partnership with Clean Energy Collective, the first community solar farm in Northern Colorado was constructed at PVREA's headquarters in August 2012. It encompasses 494 solar panels generating 203,000 kWh per year. PVREA members purchase output from the array. PVREA's second solar farm, also in partnership with Clean Energy Collective is four times larger and generates more than 1.1 million kWh per year. PVREA members purchase output from the array. PVREA is currently constructing Coyote Ridge Community Solar Farm, a 1.95-megawatt community solar farm in Larimer County. 

Highlands Community Solar

  • 494 solar panels
  • 116 kW (DC)
  • Powers 25 Colorado homes

Willox Community Solar

  • 2,206 solar panels
  • 662 kW (DC)
  • Powers 133 Colorado homes

Coyote Ridge Community Solar

  • 4,000 solar panels
  • 1,950 kW (1.95 mW) ( (DC)
  • Coming soon! Will power 133 Colorado homes

PVREA Solar Facilities Projects

In our efforts to provide various avenues of renewable energy, yet keep costs affordable, PVREA developed 10-megawatts of solar generation here locally in 2015 and 2016 at the Valley View and Skylark Solar Facilities. Another 3.5-megawatt solar facility, the Platte Valley Solar Farm, is being constructed in 2017.

Different than the community solar farms, the generation from these solar generation facilities are directly tied into the Cooperative’s distribution system and used as a local energy source, contributing to the local power mix for all PVREA members. 

The Valley View and Skylark Solar Facilities, both in Weld County, use 80 acres of land to house over 120,000 solar panels. Combined, the facilities generate enough energy to power 3,125 Colorado homes. The Platte Valley Solar Farm houses over 40,000 panels and generates enough energy to power more than 600 Colorado homes. PVREA has a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Silicon Ranch Corporation, one of the top 15 solar operators in the U.S, for the facilities. 

PVREA also has renewable energy sources from community solar farms and Carter Lake Hydropower Facility.


Skylark Solar Facility

  • 73,260 solar panels
  • 6,000 kW (AC)
  • Powers 1,875 Colorado homes

Valley View Solar Facility

  • 48,840 solar panels
  • 4,000 kW (AC)
  • Powers 1,250 Colorado homes

Platte Valley Solar Farm

  • 40,000 solar panels
  • 3,500 kW (AC)
  • Powers 600 Colorado homes