Capital Credits

Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association is a not-for-profit electric cooperative, owned by the consumers we serve. Every year the Board of Directors of the association allocates a portion of unused margins from past years to be returned to our members. These are called Capital Credits and checks are mailed to each person who is due a capital credit payout.

Last year, PVREA was unable to return $356,589 to 8,244 of our members because of a bad address on file or the member simply did not cash the check. If you were a consumer of Poudre Valley REA during 2002, 2003 and/or 2015 please look for your name in the list below. If your name is on the list, give us a call so we can determine if you have money coming to you.

The 2016 Unclaimed Capital Credit List (PDF)

If you see a name you recognize contact us at:
Poudre Valley REA
PO Box 272550
Ft. Collins, CO 80527-2550

How It Works

Allocation vs. Retirement

Allocation. Every spring, the Board of Directors looks at the prior year and allots any funds remaining after all expenses are paid into a budget item called patronage capital. This designated pool of money is then “allocated” to members, based on the prior year’s electric consumption. In this case, the more power you use, the larger your allocation. The allocation is not a check, but a bookkeeping of the amount of money you have invested in the Cooperative’s electric system based on your electric consumption. This allocation amount is notified to members on bills every year, typically in the month of June. 

Retirement. Every year the Board takes a hard look at the operation, and decides if a capital credit retirement is feasible. If they decide to retire capital credits, the money is paid out or “retired” from each member’s account, based on their past allocations.  The retirement check members receive in the mail are tangible evidence of each member’s investment into the cooperative. 

For any tax questions regarding your capital credits check, please refer to your tax advisor.