The Lyons Solar School Project

In 2009 Poudre Valley REA and The Center for ReSource Conservation came together to install a solar PV array at the Lyons Middle/Senior High School in Boulder County. 

The project is part of the Go Green! Initiative and is a key component of the Lyons Renew Our Schools program. Major funding for the 21kW solar energy system was provided by the CRC through a StEPP Foundation grant that also provides for water conservation, recycling and possible bio-diesel fuel for the school system’s buses.

Poudre Valley REA contributed $50,000.00 toward the project and, in return, received the Renewable Energy Credits from the new array.  Poudre Valley has also participated actively in the Go Green! educational outreach program that provides school-based curriculum with an emphasis on energy conservation.

The new solar panels provide an estimated 4% of the school district’s electricity consumption and result in direct savings of $3,000.00 per year. It also serves as a hands-on learning tool for both students and the community at large.


  • System Size: 20.16 kW 
  • Solar Panels: Kyocera KD-210 
  • Number of Solar Panels: 96 
  • Wattage-rating Per Panel: 210-watts 
  • Mounting System: SunLink 
  • Tilt Angle: 10 degrees 
  • Annual Energy Production: 26,546 kW hours   


  • Recurring benefits every year for 30+ years:  
  • Carbon Emission Reduction: 53,236 lbs/year 
  • Vehicle Mile Reduction Equivalent: 58,230 miles/year 
  • Equivalent # of Trees Planted: 2,048 trees