Cooperatives Build - National Co-op Month 2016

In October, PVREA is joining 40,000 other cooperatives nationwide in celebrating National Cooperative Month.

What unites the 40,000 co-ops across the nation is that we all strive to uphold cooperative values, the Seven Cooperative Principles, and continue to make being a part of a cooperative special.“Cooperatives Build” is the theme of this year’s National Cooperative Month. Check out this video about how co-ops build a better world....the cooperative way.

There are many ways that co-ops help to build a stronger, local community. Did you know these facts about your cooperative? 

  • You are a member of PVREA, which means you’re much more than just a customer! You have an actual membership at PVREA. Learn more about your membership here.
  • Cooperatives work together. There are over 900 electric co-ops just like PVREA across America, and we all collaborate and help each other, which gives members high quality service.
  • We operate under 7 Cooperative Principles: Voluntary and Open Membership; Democratic Member Control; Members’ Economic Participation; Autonomy and Independence; Education, Training, and Information; Cooperation Among Cooperatives; and Commitment to Community. These values guide all cooperatives worldwide and make us stand out from other types of utilities.
  • PVREA is not-for-profit, which means we are driven by service, not profit.
  • PVREA returns margins to its members in the form of capital credits. Learn more about your capital credits here.
  • PVREA was formed in 1939 by its first members - local farmers in Northern Colorado. And PVREA is still owned by members today. Read your co-op's history here.
  • Co-ops play an important role in community development. Your co-op gives out scholarships every year, supports our local Chambers of Commerce, sponsors many community fairs and events, and much more.
  • PVREA brings jobs to the community by employing over 85 women and men to bring electricity to your home or business, and hires many local contractors for operations work, our Annual Meeting and even our Member Appreciation BBQ.

Date Posted: 9/26/2016