Single Mom Helped Through Crisis with Energy Outreach Colorado Support

By Peggy Hofstra | Energy Outreach Colorado

The harder single mom Carolyn worked to provide for her three children, the further behind it seemed she got.

Divorced for six years, with little to no child support, she put in long hours as a nurse’s assistant at Lutheran Medical Center and Boulder Community Center. Then, without warning, $300 a month was garnished from her paycheck toward previous debts incurred by her ex-husband.

“I tried to pay at least $20 a month on the light bill, but all of a sudden one day we had no electricity – no stove, no air conditioning, no refrigerator,” she said. “It was summer, the kids were eating like there was no tomorrow, and we had a lot of food spoil, including meat and eggs.”

Luckily, Carolyn’s mom lived blocks away from them in Lafayette and they could spend a few nights with her. Even better, Energy Outreach Colorado helped pay off her over-due energy bill so she could start with a clean slate.

“I cried and cried when I found out my bill was paid,” she said. “I really have no words to express my thanks to those who helped us. I never would have been able to get back on my feet without this help.”
Carolyn’s goal is to work hard to build an emergency fund so she isn’t “caught in this situation again.”

“My kids have learned a lot from this,” she added. “It has made them want to help somebody else in the future. We’re all human, things happen, and if we’re in a positive situation we will help.”

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Date Posted: 11/28/2016