Why Does My Bill Seem High this Month?

Electric bills tend to climb in the winter. Take a look at the kilowatt-hour reading on your November bill versus your December bill. Notice an increase in how much energy you used? That’s typical for this time of year. Here are some reasons why your bill might seem higher during this time of year: 

Holiday guests.

More people in your home means more lights are on, the water heater is warming more water than usual for showers, and in general more electricity is being used. Check your energy usage through SmartHub, and you’ll notice a correlation in the spike of energy use with guests in your home.

Christmas cooking.

Families are in the kitchen more during Christmas and New Years, baking up all those goodies and wonderful meals for your many guests. Using your oven, microwave and other appliances more means you’re using more electricity.

Shorter days.

During the winter months, the sun is setting much earlier, which means we’re turning our lights on earlier in the evening, using more electricity.

Colder days.

The days are colder during the winter, which means we’re all kicking on our heating. Heating your home takes energy, especially if you have electric baseboard heaters and/or are using space heaters.


There are ways to save during the wintertime. Check out our energy saving tools here, and read this article to learn how to curb your energy costs.

Date Posted: 12/27/2016