Looking Ahead - Message from the President & CEO

Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s is such a great time to relax at home with family, refresh and begin to look forward to another year. At the beginning of this new year, here at PVREA we’re focused on the year ahead and continue with initiatives that will enhance our service to you, our members. 

  Jeff Wadsworth
President & CEO

From maintenance and construction plans to additional renewable energy projects, your co-op is planning a lot for 2017. PVREA was recently awarded a grant where we will be a national research and development center for various products and services that will benefit PVREA members. This year we’ll be researching battery storage combined with renewable energy, which could be a game changer for how we can manage load on our local grid. Look for more information on these projects in the coming months.

In operations for this year, we have various projects that will decrease power outages. Although tree trimming is a continuous maintenance project, this year operations has an increased tree trimming plan and budget. In our service territory, trees are oftentimes the cause of a power outage. Increasing the amount of tree trimming we get done throughout the year will cause less power outages for you, and will save the co-op money. Our sectionalizing project also continues into this year, which will decrease the duration of power outages we see across our system.

We are also exploring adding more benefits for members. The PVREA team is looking into offering what we call “on-bill financing” for various products and services. This could look like financing for an energy efficiency project in which your co-op would upfront money to a member for the product and/or service, and the member would make payments to the loan straight from his or her electric bill.

This year we plan on constructing a third community solar farm (our first went live in 2012, and our second in 2015) where members can purchase solar panels in the array to offset their energy use every month. Community solar is a great alternative for those who cannot or do not want to add solar on their own roof and eliminates the hassle of maintenance over the years. PVREA is also working to add a 3-megawatt solar facility in our service territory where the generation from the solar panels are directly tied into the co-op’s existing distribution system and used as a local energy source, contributing to the local power mix for all PVREA members– the same type of project as the Skylark and Valley View Solar Facilities.

Aside from our many projects, I also encourage you this year to take advantage of your current co-op benefits that you have not used before, or may not even know existed. We’re continuing our rebate program where members can receive rebate money for energy efficient LED light bulbs, appliances and heating and cooling. If you haven’t already, download SmartHub - a free app that’s available for you where you can pay your bill and view and manage your energy use. Vote for the first time in this year’s board election and attend our Annual Meeting in April. Check out the different payment options and pick one that works best for you and your family’s lifestyle. Or maybe give to another family in need through the Energy Outreach Colorado program.

This year, your co-op will be striving to go above and beyond for PVREA members in a number of areas. We are following a new mission statement that will guide us through all of these new projects and endeavors – “We are committed to providing safe, reliable, efficient energy solutions with exceptional service to our members.” With the many plans and initiatives our team has for this year, I’m kicking off 2017 with a refreshed and excited outlook on the year ahead. We’re certainly looking forward to the new year, are you?

--Jeff Wadsworth, President & CEO

Date Posted: 12/27/2016