Keeping Your Data & the Grid Safe

Growing up in a small town in Colorado, we never locked our doors—everyone looked after each other. But times have changed.

It seems every day we hear about another security breach, and today’s thieves aren’t targeting traditional goods like electronics or the family safe. Instead, they want your (and our) data. Cyber thieves keep testing digital doorknobs and looking for open software windows to find a way to crack personal and business databases.

We take this threat seriously. After all, PVREA is owned and governed by you, our members. You’ve placed your confidence in us, and we’re committed to protecting your data while delivering reliable, safe, and affordable power.

Unlike my old neighborhood, we don’t have a digital open door policy at PVREA. As a cooperative, we’re part of a national network of consumer-controlled electricity providers working together to constantly evaluate and bolster cybersecurity measures. We (PVREA, local businesses and individuals) can no longer assume it will not happen to us in Northern Colorado. The unfortunate reality is that it no longer is a question if we will have a cyber attack, but when and to what extent.

Your co-op has its own team of Information Technology (IT) professionals whose responsibility is cybersecurity. They are trained in cybersecurity and develop techniques and software not only to keep PVREA’s electric grid reliable and secure, but to protect sensitive member, employee and co-op data and information from identity theft.

Every PVREA laptop, tablet, phone, and other pieces of equipment are controlled and protected to prevent any security breach. We constantly monitor our computer systems and electric grid to protect the co-op against any intrusions or cyber attacks. Your co-op also keeps each members’ information private and confidential, and is used only for PVREA purposes. We never share your address, email, energy use or other personal information without your approval. Further, we protect our data systems that holds each members’ account information with advanced software and security measures to keep your data safe.

Your co-op puts a high priority on protecting our local grid from a constant variety of cyber computer attacks, including organized crime to hobbyist hackers, who are constantly launching attacks on computers around the world. We are consistently improving and reinforcing our defenses with new technologies and best practices to protect your data and our operations.

The bottom line is cybersecurity and physical security challenges are increasing for all segments of the American society and PVREA is no exception. No matter what security challenges rear their heads in the future, we are striving to be ready to meet them. As always, PVREA is looking out for our members and striving to exceed your expectations. That is our commitment to you.


Jeff Wadsworth
President & CEO


Date Posted: 6/27/2017