More Solar Options Coming to Members

PVREA Coyote Ridge Community Solar Farm

This summer, PVREA is building another community solar farm located at the Larimer County Landfill. Utilizing land that is otherwise unusable, PVREA is able to build a community solar farm, with around 6,000 panels, in a location where the energy can be utilized nearby and allows greater access to solar opportunities for all PVREA members.

In collaboration with GRID Alternatives Colorado and the Colorado Energy Office, a portion of this solar farm will be specifically dedicated to income-qualified members through the PV for All program. The other portion of the solar farm will be available to non-profit PVREA members and other PVREA members.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the PVREA Community Solar Farm, contact Member Relations at 1-800-432-1012. Learn more about the solar farm here. Look for more detailed information in the next Colorado Country Life.

Get Involved!

Part of GRID Alternatives’ mission, PVREA’s partner on the Coyote Ridge Community Solar Farm, is to provide solar power for low to moderate-income families while providing hands-on installation experience for job seekers and community volunteers. GRID Alternatives will have several volunteer opportunities for individuals or groups interested in participating in the construction of the solar farm throughout the month of August. Anyone can come participate in the build of the PVREA Coyote Ridge Community Solar Farm.

Sign up: Call: 303-481-4384 or email:


Platte Valley Utility-Scale Solar Farm

Another 3.5-megawatts of solar energy is coming to PVREA’s energy portfolio. In conjunction with Silicon Ranch Corporation, the solar facility, named Platte Valley Solar Farm, with over 40,000 panels will be constructed in Kersey, CO in Weld County.

Just like the Valley View and Skylark Solar Facilities that went live last year and in 2015, this array will be a generation source that will flow energy from the sun directly to PVREA substations to members in the surrounding area.

PVREA and Silicon Ranch will energize these panels by the end of summer 2017. Learn more about PVREA’s renewable energy projects here.

Date Posted: 6/27/2017