Students Make Memories, Learn Leadership Skills at Camp

Courtney Harney of Loveland represented Poudre Valley REA at this year’s Youth Leadership Camp in Steamboat Springs. 

During camp, students from Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Kansas joined together and learned in-depth what electric cooperatives do in the communities they serve, the process of generating electricity and distributing it to consumers, visited Craig Station power plant and the Trapper Mine, went rafting, and enjoyed getting to know each other through team games and activities throughout the week.

Courtney went above and beyond during her week away. She participated as one of the members on the Board of Directors where she learned about the financials of a cooperative and helped keep the schedule organized for the week. She also won the talent competition with her contortion skills.

After some deliberating, Courtney decided give a speech to compete for one of six spots as an ambassador at camp next summer. She explained that she wanted to come back next year to help future campers break out of their shells and be true to themselves as she has learned to do. She had a great impact on the other campers and they voted for her return next year.

“It was mind blowing to have so many new experiences in this short amount of time. It was truly life changing. I made tons of new friends and connections both in and out of state,” she said.

Date Posted: 8/24/2017