Celebrating National Co-op Month


There are many ways that co-ops help to build a stronger, local community. Did you know these facts about your cooperative?

  • You are a member of PVREA, which means you’re much more than just a customer! You have an actual membership at PVREA. Learn more about your membership here.
  • Cooperatives work together. There are over 900 electric co-ops just like PVREA across America, and we all collaborate and help each other, which gives members high quality service.
  • PVREA is not-for-profit, which means we are driven by service, not profit.
  • PVREA returns margins to its members in the form of capital credits. Learn more about your capital credits here.
  • PVREA was formed in 1939 by its first members - local farmers and members in Northern Colorado. PVREA is still owned by members today. Read the co-op's history here.
  • PVREA plays an important role in community development. Your co-op gives out scholarships every year, supports our local Chambers of Commerce, sponsors many community fairs and events, has a Community Room at the office, and much, much more.


Date Posted: 9/15/2017