Great Member Value - Focused on YOUR Future

A new year, a time for setting goals – whether that’s to start hitting the gym, spend less time on electronics, or planning a vacation. While you’re focusing on setting personal goals for this year, here at PVREA we are focused on you, our member, by setting our company vision.

This month, we’re rolling out our latest Strategy Map, titled “Vision 2020”. This map will serve as a roadmap filled with strategic initiatives for the next three years – all of it focused on you, the member. Themes from PVREA’s mission statement leads the strategy framework: Safe and Reliable, Efficient Energy Solutions, and Exceptional Service. Within this framework, there are focus areas containing initiatives we will strive to achieve:

Quest for Zero: Safety is the foundational piece of PVREA’s business practices and strategic plan. We want our employees to go home to their families at the end of the day and we also want the communities we serve and members to be safe. Our “Quest for Zero” expectation tasks us to continuously improve our safety culture, including educating our members and the public about electrical safety.

Next Generation Workforce: The baby boomer generation is retiring, leaving many businesses, including PVREA, in a position of hiring a new workforce. Technology is also changing how we accomplish our work, and it’s changing the skills needed in our industry. It’s our responsibility to prepare our workforce that will help us meet industry changes and member expectations.

Competitive Rates: We understand a main importance to you is the bottom line – what is that electric bill going to be at the end of the month? As a not-for-profit co-op, we’re not in the business of building profits but instead providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Your co-op will continue to work on cost savings, keeping rates stable and affordable. We’ve already made great headway by holding the line on rates for the next two years - with our rates not increasing for 2018 and 2019.

Operational Innovation: Providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity is more than just poles and wires – in fact, there are many technological components of our local electric grid that help monitor our system and keep the electrons flowing to your home or business. In this strategic plan, we’re working to continue enhancing our electric grid through proactive maintenance, system innovation and greater use of technology.

Member Opportunities: Over the coming years, we will be providing you additional products and services, such as smart home programs. It’s our goal to offer our members programs, services, and other opportunities for you to use your energy wisely and cost-effectively.

I hope this snapshot of our Vision 2020 Strategy Map helps you better understand how we’re looking out for you, and how we’re focused on the future. A solid plan and a guiding map helps the co-op focus on our main goal to serve our members and provide a great value to your everyday life. Read more articles from me in the newsletter throughout the year about how your co-op is working to provide you a great member value.

Jeff Wadsworth
President & CEO

Date Posted: 12/21/2017