The Value of Board Leadership

As an electric cooperative, PVREA is guided by an elected Board of Directors who represent its members’ best interest when making important decisions. Being a member of the co-op’s Board is an incredibly important position in our community, and one that takes substantial efforts in education and training.


PVREA is proud that all our board members have completed training and education courses to further their knowledge to better serve PVREA members. Through the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association board members have the opportunity to earn credentials to expand their knowledge in the electric industry.

Many of PVREA board members have earned several levels of credentials; all have earned the Credentialed Cooperative Director, and many others have earned the graduated Board Leadership Certificate and Director Gold Credential. Some of the director education course topics are: 

  • Director Duties and Liabilities
  • The Electric Business
  • Board Roles and Relationships
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Communications
  • Cooperative Business Model
  • Governance
  • Power Supply
  • Risk Management
  • Technology
  • and much more!

These credentials demonstrate to cooperative members and other stakeholders, the ongoing director commitment to enhanced industry knowledge and to perform fiduciary duty proficiently.

“It is vital for PVREA’s directors to keep abreast of the various issues that impact the cooperative so they can make informed decisions and do the best possible job of representing our members,” said Jeff Wadsworth, PVREA President and CEO. “Today’s electric utility environment imposes new demands on directors, and we appreciate all our directors taking the initiative and time to become more informed. PVREA’s directors serve the members well and it is my honor to work with such a dedicated group.”

PVREA Director Jan Peterson (left) recently obtained his Board
Leadership Certificate and is presented with his certificate from PVREA
Board Chair Rick Johnson.

Date Posted: 12/21/2017