Outages Due to Spring Snow and Safety Tips

Poudre Valley REA started experiencing outages on Thursday, April 16 from a heavy, wet spring snow. We are getting power restored in many areas, but with continued snowfall members should be prepared to possibly see more outages. All PVREA crews plus additional crews are deployed working on all of the outages. We are urging members to report hazards and outages by calling 1-800-432-1012.  All PVREA crews plus additional crews are deployed working on all of the outages. Members should prepare to remain inside during this prolonged outage and use these tips:

• Stay inside, and dress warm.
• Close off unneeded rooms to keep the heat in your living areas.
• Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible to keep your food cold. If power is out longer than 4 hours, keep perishable items in a cooler with ice. Make ice outside. A full freezer can remain cold enough for 48 hours, and half a freezer full 24 hours.
• When using an alternative heat source, follow operating instructions, use fire safeguards, and be sure to properly ventilate. Always keep a multipurpose, dry-chemical fire extinguisher nearby, and know how to use it.
• Place draft block at the bottom of doors to minimize cold drafts from entering the house.
• Keep a close eye on the temperature in your home. Infants and people over the age of 65 are often more susceptible to the cold. You may want to stay with friends or relatives or go to a shelter if you cannot keep your home warm.
• Unplug all appliances and electronics so they won’t get damaged with power restoration.
• If power lines are on the ground, stay far away from them and warn others to stay away.  Contact PVREA and let us know because the lines could still be live.
• Any power line that is dead could become energized at any moment due to power restoration or backup generators.

“With heavy, wet snow affecting power in the foothills and mountains area, you can rest assured that Poudre Valley REA is on the job. Our local crews pride themselves in responding faster and restoring power with the least amount of inconvenience to our members.  Report hazards and outages by calling 1-800-432-1012. Thank you for your support and patience as our crews restore power to your neighborhood as quickly as possible," CEO Jeff Wadsworth.

Please continue to call us with any outage updates at 1-800-432-1012 and stay safe.

Date Posted: 4/17/2015