Just a Few Dollars from Members Helped Another Member In Need

Their Story

A career-ending injury. A Stage 4 cancer diagnosis. The death of a child. Lori S. of Fort Collins has faced all of these trials and more, yet she continues to be grateful for the gift of each day.

“I have my family, my friends, my dogs,” said the 57-year old, “We have a lot of health issues in my family but we still get up and go.”

The health issues include Lori’s debilitating workplace back injury that ended her career as an interior designer, and her ongoing battle against a rare form of melanoma that has required 113 tumor extraction surgeries. If that weren’t enough, she lost her 34-year-old daughter two years ago to an undetected brain aneurism. And she recently had to put her wheelchair-bound mother, Mary, into a nearby skilled-care nursing home because of her deteriorating health.

“It’s been one thing after another,” Lori said, and each thing has taken a toll on her finances.

Although her mobile home is paid for, she still has a monthly lot fee and can no longer split expenses with her mother. When she recently received a disconnect notice for her Poudre Valley REA bill, Lori sought help and was moved to tears when The Family Center/La Familia provided her with energy bill payment assistance funded by Energy Outreach Colorado.

“I used to be the one that donated all the time to different causes, and it’s humbling to be the one needing help,” she said. Still, she counts her blessings, which include her other two daughters and four grandchildren who live in the area.

How You Can Help

Here’s how you can help another member in need. Members can donate to the Voluntary Energy Assistance program for Energy Outreach Colorado directly from your PVREA bill. To contribute to this program, simply check mark a donation on the lower, left-hand corner of your bill (shown below). If you are a paperless member, sign up online at www.pvrea.com/community/energy-assistance. Your tax-deductible donation to Energy Outreach Colorado will be added onto your monthly utility bill. You may change or end your donation at any time.

Give the gift of energy this holiday season, and help the families in your community. For more information or to apply for energy assistance, visit energyoutreach.org.

Date Posted: 12/28/2015