PVREA Sponsors Fossil Ridge High School Ridgebotics Team

PVREA is proud to announce our recent partnership with the Fossil Ridge High School Ridgebotics FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) team. Forty-three extremely dedicated students make up The Fossil Ridge High School Ridgebotics FIRST team who design, build and program robots to complete specific tasks in competitions.

One of their biggest competitions is at Denver University, March 23-26, 2016. Following very specific qualifications and rules, they will have six weeks to create their masterpiece.

On top of focusing on specific math and science topics and building their robot, these students learn many more skills that are applicable to the “real world”.

Ridgebotics team member Hunter said that through Ridgebotics, he has bettered his time management and learned how to be a problem solver in any situation thrown at him. Henry said he has improved his social skills and is now able to have a real, meaningful conversation with someone he doesn’t already know. He has learned the value of teamwork. Carissa has learned how to be a better leader.

“Ridgebotics has students work together and collaborate as a team toward a common goal in a way that no other school program can. This program has helped me gain skills for the future including interpersonal skills, communication, problem solving and hands-on technical expertise,” Ridgebotics member Geordi said.

There are 15-20 mentors that help the students throughout the year. All of the students explained how important the mentors are to them and how they are a vital piece in the big picture. The mentors become more than just a mentor. They coach, guide, challenge and become friends with the students.

After seeing a Ridgebotics presentation at the PVREA office, PVREA Systems Control Technician Wade Avery decided to become a mentor for the team.

“I enjoy teaching and I like watching the kids grow, learn, and accomplish their goals. I look forward to watching the younger students progress in the next couple years,” he said.

Carissa, explained that through her Ridgebotics team and Girl Scouts, she is able to reach out and be a mentor herself. She is part of a team made up of 10 girls that travels to a middle school on a regular basis to show projects she has done and talk about Ridgebotics and leadership to female students.

“I have a passion for getting more girls into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs,” she said.

It is never too young to start learning about these subjects and there are now great opportunities like Ridgebotics to challenge young students even more.

“Society is realizing we don’t have to be older or in college to learn more elaborate topics, we just need to be exposed to them at a younger age,” Ayden said.

Follow the Ridgebotics team on their website at www.ridgebotics.com or Facebook to find out how they do in this intense competition, stay up to date on where they will be in our communities and the results of other competitions.

Date Posted: 1/8/2016