Energy Programs

The following are energy efficiency and renewable energy programs either run by the Poudre Valley REA or programs that can be beneficial to our members.  Follow the links for more information:

Managing Your Energy
Learn how to save energy with your co-op's tools and resources. 

Residential Rebates 
Available for residential accounts

Commercial Rebates 
Available for commercial accounts

Select HVAC 
The place to find reliable, competent heating contractors

Weatherization Assistance
No cost help to improve the energy efficiency of your home

Community Solar Farm
Learn how members invested in the solar farm. 

Geothermal System 
Learn if a geothermal system is the right option for your home or business

Together We Save 
Find out how to save energy from Touchstone Energy

PVREA's Renewable Energy Projects
Wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and more

Renewable Net Metering
Connect your renewable energy system to our grid

AMI Advanced Metering
Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Green Power 
Support renewable energy for less than a dollar a month