Renewable Energy

Poudre Valley REA is committed to incorporating renewable energy sources into our generation portfolio. These renewable energy projects contribute to PVREA's local grid.

Poudre Valley REA Renewable Energy Projects

Green Power Program: The cost for Green Power is just pennies per month. 100% of the funds raised go to support renewable projects such as solar and wind. Go green by clicking herePoudre Valley REA has offered electricity generated from renewable sources through the Green Power Program for more than a decade.

Net-Metering & Interconnection Policy: PVREA allows most renewable energy generation systems, like solar PV panels, to be connected to the power grid.

Geothermal Energy: PVREA has helped many members in deciding which energy options are the best for them. In 2012, the co-op installed a geothermal energy unit at the PVREA headquarters. Visit the Geothermal Energy page to learn more about this option and rebates available.

Local Generation Sources

Highlands Community Solar Farm: The first community solar farm in Northern Colorado was constructed at PVREA's headquarters in August 2012. It encompasses 494 solar panels generating 203,000 kWh per year. PVREA members purchase output from the array.

Willox Solar Farm: PVREA's second solar farm is four times larger and generates more than 1.1 million kWh per year. PVREA members purchase output from the array.

Carter Lake Hydropower Facility: As the result of a power purchase agreement between the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District and Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association, Northern Water has constructed a $6 million hydropower facility at Carter Lake west of Loveland. The water that is released from the reservoir spins two turbines to create electricity. The result is 7 million to 10 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, or enough to power about 1,000 homes.

Skylark Solar Facility: This solar facility generates 6-megawatts of renewable generation locally to PVREA members. The facilities produce electricity from over 73,000 solar panels, enough to power nearly 1,875 Colorado households annually. 

Valley View Solar Facility: This solar facilities generates 4-megawatts of renewable generation locally to PVREA members. The facility produce electricity from over 48,000 solar panels, enough to power nearly 1,250 Colorado households annually. 

Coyote Ridge Community Solar Farm: PVREA members have the opportunity to subscribe to the solar output at this 1.95-megawatt community solar farm. Learn more.

Platte Valley Solar Farm: This 3.5-megawatt solar facility, with more than 40,000 solar panels, produces enough electricity to power 600 PVREA households annually. 

Tri-State G&T's Renewable Energy 

PVREA along with 42 other electric cooperatives purchase most of their energy from Tri-State G&T, which is also a cooperative. In 2016, approximately 27 percent of the energy Tri-State and its member systems will deliver to more than 1 million consumers will be generated from renewable resources, making the association one of the leading utilities in the country for using renewable power

Since its inception, Tri-State has used renewable energy through the federal hydropower system, and as costs for other renewable resources have decreased, Tri-State has added wind and solar energy to its portfolio. Read more about Tri-State G&T's projects here.