Understanding Your Bill

View and pay your electric bill in SmartHub.

The electric bill is split into give sections to give you greater explanation of your usage and charges:

  1. Billing Summary – This sections shows your total amount due and previous balance and payments.

  2. Important Account Information – This box will note any past due amount, which is always due immediately, note our thanks for paying your bill on time, or any other account specific information.

  3. Special Notes – Be sure to read any special notes we include on each billing statement.

  4. Meter and Readings – This row presents your meter number, number of days in the billing cycle, kWh readings, and rate schedule.

  5. Usage Detail – For most account types, this table shows electric usage by month in terms of kilowatt-hours used per day and cost per day. A graph of your consumption over the past 12 months is also included for comparison.

  6. Current Charges – Below the meter and readings information section is a box that details current charges.  The left side is an itemization of current charges including the facilities charge and taxes. The right side is a summary of payments received and charges due.

  7. Donate to Energy Outreach Colorado – Help other members who are in need of assistance straight from your electric bill.

  8. Remittance Stub – The bottom of the statement is a tear-off remittance stub and should be returned with your payment. You can also pay by phone, in SmartHub,  at our office or by mail.

  9. Daily Usage Graph – View your daily energy usage compared to a day’s temperature. This graph will help you see the effect weather has on your electric bill.


What is the facility charge on my bill?

The facilities charge is a flat, monthly fee charged per meter, and it is not dependent on how much energy you use. The charge exists to cover the cost of bringing power to your meter, including such things as electrical wire, transformers, poles, maintenance and administrative costs, regardless of the amount of electricity you use.